Risks of sending intimate photos

For an outburst of love or a test of fidelity to the couple, many women can fall into the error of sending pictures of them naked without knowing that over time they can be betrayed by their partners or their accounts hacked.

So it happened for the second time toScarlett Johansson . Again the hackers leaked nude photos in which the actress appears recostada in a bed wearing an open shirt that reveals her breasts.

Others where you can see his naked torso before going to the shower.

The first time they hacked their photos (2011) Johansson clarified that the intended recipient was her then husband Ryan Reynolds.


Risks of sending intimate photos

Donald S. Strassberg, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Utah, United States, warns that at the moment when you press "send", you lose all control of the image and you are vulnerable to any of these situations.

1. Humiliation The victim experiences enormous damage to his emotional and psychological integrity that causes extreme suffering and humiliation. Being shared also generates immense feelings of guilt and shame.

2. Security If you took photos or recorded a video with suggestive images and saved them to your phone or sent them to your personal email, they could be stored in the "cloud". Even if you have not shared them with anyone, you are at risk.

3. Sextorssion. You could suffer a form of sexual exploitation with which you are blackmailed to force you to have sex. It does not have to do only with economic extortion. The pressure can be on the Internet, which guarantees certain anonymity.

According to the organization sexting.es, before sending an intimate image think about its repercussions. What you post online or leave your own mobile is unrecoverable and beyond control.


To whom you send today, maybe tomorrow is not your friend. In addition there are more and more websites that are dedicated to collecting and disseminating these images: your nude could end up in one of them, "said the organization.

Remember that we all change our mind and what you now want to show about yourself, maybe in the future you do not like it anymore, so be careful when sharing intimate photos. Ensure your integrity!


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