DF authorities against bullying

Bullying in schools has become a problem of public health in Mexico. Therefore, the government of federal District , published in the official Gazette reforms to Health Law local.

In this, the Health Secretary capital city to organize and develop programs of prevention Y Attention to the victims of this violent behavior .

With the publication of the regulation, the authorities will be allowed having the growth of this problem that affects a third of the students of primary Y high school :

"Bullying continues to grow in schools, according to figures from the local Ministry of Social Development, between March and June of last year, 13 thousand 633 complaints , there are reports from the Violence Prevention Units that a third of the basic level students indicate that they have been victims of aggression, "he said in an interview to Millennium, Maricela Contreras , president of the Health Commission of the legislative Assembly from DF.

The reforms will allow the Health Secretary of the DF to launch specialized programs that guarantee the right to mental health of the children of the Federal District.

The reforms to the Health Law of the capital are included in the articles 63 Y 74 the attribution of the Ministry of Health for the development of prevention programs to the problems of public health related to school violence.

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