5 tips for casual sex

Having casual relationships can be a sexual adventure. The sex Occasional requires certain strategies to not stay in the attempt. You need to choose the prey, pursue it and seduce it.

Occasional relationships can be very satisfying, however, you should always take into account that they are only physical. Here are 5 tips for those nights of sex occasional.

1. Choose a neutral place: even if you live, just avoid going to your apartment or house. The best thing is to go to a hotel. You must take into account that you have no idea who the other person is, that is why it is better not to involve the daily spaces.

2. Do not get involved: The mystery of not knowing that person is the ideal fuel for a one night adventure. Neither is known, everything is pure physical attraction. Do not ask, do not ask for explanations. Just worry about having the proper precautions at the time of sex to avoid any kind of sexually transmitted disease . So try to carry a condom in your pocket every night.

3. Say yes to spontaneity: in a relationship the sex It is a loving bond. On a night out, it's pure sex , so dare to try new things. You have never been with that person and you may never see her again. Do not be shy, you can experience very pleasant sensations.

4. Leave the ego aside: Many people have a very high ego and feel unattainable, this makes them look arrogant and zero attractive. Forget the pose and enjoy the night. The important thing is to be yourself and have fun.

5. Do not do it in case of thunder: if you finished with your partner Recently, this is not the best option to forget that person. On the contrary, you will only feel empty and with a very severe crude moral. Wait a while, this way you can be objective and clearly have the meaning of an occasional relationship.

If you want to throw yourself into this adventure, do not forget to use condoms in each sexual relationship .

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