5 truths about energy drinks

The consumption of energy drinks It has increased in recent years. Such growth is due precisely to the need that people have to recover the lost energy, that illusion that the body surrenders beyond its real abilities.

1. The main consumers of energy drinks are students in exam periods, professionals with a high degree of stress , athletes and young people who want to extend the party.

2. According to a study of the Federal Consumer Procurator's Office , it was identified that except for caffeine and the vitamins , none of the substances that contain energy drinks they are "energizing" or revitalizing and in general, there is no evidence that they are responsible for many of the properties that they claim to have.

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3. Mix energy drinks with alcohol represents a risk to the Health . The depressant effects of alcohol are "masked" by the energy drinks , but the level of alcohol in the body and its harmful effects are not reduced in any way.

4. There are energy drinks like the so-called "RedLineTheUltimateEnergy Rush" than in its presentation of 240 ml. equals in caffeine to 4 cups of coffee or 8 cola drinks of 355 ml.

5. The taurine It is contained between 100 and 1892 mg. per container. However, a person of 60 kg would have to ingest in one day 32 cans of energy drink that was detected with more taurine, to have problems in your health.

Experts recommend not falling into the marketing that manufacturers of energy drinks . In most cases, the necessary energy that the organism needs to carry out day-to-day activities is achieved through a diet balanced with fruits and vegetables.

Video Medicine: Energy Drinks: Why Are They Sending So Many People to the ER? (June 2022).