What can be done?

Impulsivity it is a trait of temperament in children and of personality in adults, which has been present in some form throughout all stages of development.

Usually impulsivity It is accompanied by hyperactivity and attention deficit, and this can be the prelude to learning problems, disruptive and, later, aggressive or criminal behavior.

There are children who present serious difficulties to repress their impulses, and this leads to numerous conflicts both in family, as in school and social. It is important that you know some of the signs related to impulsivity:

1. First act, then think.

2. Answer before you finish hearing the question.

3. Difficulties waiting for your turn in the games.

4. It does not support that they win.

5. Interrupts.

6. Low tolerance for frustration.

7. Little self-control

8. Disobedience, negativism.

9. Engages in dangerous physical activities without assessing their consequences.

10. Uncontrolled tantrums.

Impulsivity As a psychological factor it requires a treatment, since it has direct repercussions on affective bonding and emotional balance. It also severely impairs the child's learning ability and its good adaptation to school and peers.


What can be done?

1. The child must learn that his actions have consequences. Therefore, temper tantrums, defiant behaviors, aggression or others, we must be able to mark immediate consequences (withdraw attention, reinforcers, use time out, etc.) For example, if you have thrown something should pick it up and put it in place; if you have insulted someone you should ask for forgiveness, etc. Something important is that we must wait for it to calm down to apply the consequences.

2 . You have to show yourself calm and calm, but at the same time forceful and determined.

3. Enter corrective measures . Obviously the messages and measures should be adapted to the age and characteristics of the child and the family, so it is important to ask for help from a specialist. Discipline workshops or parent orientation sessions are very effective.

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