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Worldwide, 1 in 10 births is premature. A premature birth is recorded when it occurs before week 37 or 256 days of gestation. There are maternal and fetal causes in premature birth, such as diabetes, placental abruption or genetic malformations. Read More

Painful, but satisfying work

Postures to dilate faster and with less pain are recommended because they relieve the load and pressure in certain areas of the body. The postures to dilate faster help you feel less pain. Lying on your side with a pillow between your legs is one of the postures to dilate faster and with less pain. Read More

5 reasons to say yes to water birth

Water birth is a new option for the birth of your baby. This trend that has gained strength in recent years has many advantages over the traditional procedure, both for the mother and the child. Read More

5 advantages of tradition: vertical delivery

Throughout history this has been one of the most common forms for the birth. There are historical references from countries such as Australia, Turkey, India, Africa, Europe, Mesoamerica and South America. There is an explanation, since it is a natural posture in which the woman feels comfortable and benefits the labor. Read More

Benefits of childbirth in the water

The delivery in water is a better alternative of natural birth. If we take into account that for the little one, getting out of the womb, where he is completely comfortable, is a crucial moment. That is why it is better to receive your baby in a warm and comfortable environment for both. Read More

Benefits of water birth

This type of birth, more and more widespread in the world, is a form of birth, where there is respect for the naturalness and time to give birth to each woman, says Dr. Hugo I. Escárcega Pérez, Gynecologist and Obstetrician. In an interview for GetQoralHealth.com, the certified midwife, Gabriela Zebadúa Baqueiro, explains the benefits of water birth: Read More

It promotes obesity in children

A study suggests that cesarean section increases the risk of obesity in children. The way of being born as the cesarean section increases the risk of obesity. In Mexico the practice of caesarean sections in 12 years has grown by 50.3%. Read More

Learn all about water birth

Delivery in water is a type of humanized birth, where the form and time to give birth of each woman is respected, because she has the absolute freedom of movement to express herself freely and be accompanied by the people she trusts, in accordance with information published in Psicoprofilaxis Montaña. Read More

Learn all about molar pregnancy

Molar pregnancy is a strange disorder that is generated by the abnormal formation of the placental tissue. A mass of cysts is produced instead of a healthy embryo. Read More

Mothers for the right to childbirth free of pressure

To humanized childbirth, it is known as soft childbirth, it is one where there is absolute respect for the woman who is giving birth and for her form and time to do so. The woman can move, walk, come and go to her room, etc. The environment is the closest thing to your home, in Mexico we are used to giving birth in the hospital, we must make it a friendly place and as family friendly as possible. Read More

Most obvious symptoms

Until recently, the premature birth of a baby used to have a poor prognosis. Fortunately, the improvement of medical techniques and assistance to newborns has increased the survival of premature infants. In fact, it is estimated that of the infants born in week 28, approximately 90% survive. Many of these children may manifest long-term problems, such as developmental or behavioral problems, which continue until childhood or are permanent. The more premature the baby is and the lower his birth weight, the greater the risk of complications. Causes and risk factors A baby is considered premature if born before 37 weeks of gestation. Multiple pr Read More

Parir at home is another option for that special moment

In the last three years, the rate of home births has increased in the United States by 5%; in the United Kingdom it did between 1 and 3%. In Mexico there are increasingly more cases of women who choose to give birth at home, according to the Center for Disease Control of the United States, cited by Cristina Alonso Lord. Read More

Delivery in multiple pregnancy

After only seven months of having given birth to triplets, a woman originally from Coahuila, Mexico, received the confirmation of a new multiple pregnancy, with empty boxes Read More

Get informed and take care of your health and that of your son!

Find out what is best, whether a natural birth or cesarean. Are you about to give birth? Then find out if natural birth or cesarean section suits you. Do not you know what the birth of your child will be like? Ask your doctor what is best for you if you have a natural birth or cesarean. Know the pros and cons of cesarean section. Read More

Natural birth and its relationship with the moon

Once again the National Association of Instructors in Perinatal Psychoprofilaxis (ANIPP) and Mountain Psychoprofilaxis share with GetQoralHealth.com more specialized information on the subject of childbirth. On this occasion the article is by Mariana Laguarda Ruiz. We invite you to read it carefully. Actually, this is an absolutely empirical assessment, based on what some of my friends, instructors in psycho-prophylaxis, and I have observed about the influence of the moon on births. Read More

Standing birth reduces risks in the fetus

Xalapa, Ver. (Brisa Gómez, correspondent / CIMAC / AVC) .- Footbirth, which is already practiced in some hospitals, mainly by the Ministry of National Defense and Puebla, can generate greater advantages for both the mother and for the product, it reduces the risk of injury to the fetus and makes it easier for women to work, said doctor José Alejando Almaguer González. Read More

Natural birth is more humanized and conscious

The truly natural birth, is that free of all medical interventions, where the woman only receives support, love and guidance from people with positive attitudes. Natural childbirth is where there are no rules, there are no times, you can walk, or you can cry or cry. You may need the support of other people or privacy. It is something that the woman does for herself and her baby. It is not the delivery of exogenous oxytocin, or the doctor, or anyone else. Natural birth is not a demand for perfection; It can be noisy or on the contrary take place in complete silence; It can be painful and with periods of tension and impatience, but it is natura Read More

What do you feel after a cesarean section?

Know the symptoms after the cesarean and avoid complications. What are the symptoms after the cesarean section? Know them to enjoy your motherhood more. Forget the myths and know the symptoms after the cesarean. Read More