Hypopressive gymnastics to reduce abdomen

The Hypopressive gymnastics or Reprocessing Soft Fitness (RSF) , is a modality of gymnastics what includes exercises to reduce the abdomen , strengthen the back, and in the case of women, also tone the pelvic floor .

The Reprocessing Soft Fitness comprises more than 150 exercises different, divided into 10 levels of difficulty, according to the physical abilities of the practitioners and their level of training .

The techniques hypopressive they achieve a abdomen flatter when "re-educating" the intra-abdominal pressures; that is, they consist in achieving a vacuum, activating the abdominal muscles and the diaphragm .

The RSF regroup exercises rhythms that allow the Central Nervous System , modify the body and emotional schema. Therefore, if it is added to the regular practice of any type of activity, the benefits it provides increase.

The results and benefits of practicing Hypopressive gymnastics are varied, such as reducing centimeters waist , get a abdomen stronger and flatter, improve the problems lumbar correct the position and treat physiological problems, such as urinary incontinence .

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