Low testosterone causes problems in the libido

There are many factors that can make the sexual impulse or the libido diminishes in half of life, but testosterone could play an important role in this sexual problem .

Testosterone is a male hormone, but it also affects the sexual desire of the woman. Near 50 years of age there may be a decline in its production.

Around the age of 20, the peak of testosterone production is found in men and women, but it is in women that a much more significant fall occurs after 45 years of age. In men it only decreases about 1% per year.

There are treatments that can help both sexes Regain your testosterone levels and so give a boost to your sexual response, But experts say he should make an intelligent decision, since low libido can be due to various biological and emotional reasons.

A poorly calculated diagnosis of the hormone can have negative effects on health. Even the dose can vary during the same day because the body behaves differently.

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States still does not approve any type of testosterone treatment for women , although there are medications already in test.

Exercise, fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, cardiovascular diseases and obesity can be other factors that are affecting the sexual life of men and women in this stage of life, so if you are looking treatment, Go to your doctor to decide which option is the most appropriate for your case.

Source: Los Angeles Times.

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