4 tips to take care of yourself

To take care of yourself, just like flowers you need to nourish yourself to live and prosper; in your case you need activities that help you to have a positive actitus, since this is the source of energy to be happy .

To achieve this, you must prioritize the family , partner , etc., may seem selfish, but according to the portal Huffingtonvoces.com, When you provide yourself with what is necessary to be well, you not only feel better but you can be with others in a more complete and complete way. As they explain it Dhyan Gulistan Y Nirdosh Eidels in the following video:


How to take care of yourself?

In GetQoralHealth , we give you the following recommendations, so that you feel good and optimize your quality of life. Take note!

1. Conscious breathing: Breathing gently and deeply helps counteract the negative effects of stress , reduces the blood pressure Y the heart rate . It also activates substances that have the ability to relax and produce a deep state of well-being.

2. Practice yoga: It is one of the disciplines that transform your body inside and out. Several studies have shown that the yoga improves the circulatory system , the flexibility , the position , the nervous system , among other benefits.

3. Laugh: Good healthy humor. The University of Brussels revealed that the recovery process in patients who had had a heart attack and that were subjected to a therapy daily 30 minutes of laughter They got better faster.

4. Cultivate positive thoughts: All people have the ability to self-generate positive emotions . If you increase your level of positivism, your ability to resilience (power to face problems), increase your creativity and eliminates the negative effects of stress and the negative emotions .

Practice these behaviors constantly, you will notice that it improves your quality of life and your sense of confidence in people. The first step is to make a commitment with yourself to start with the action. Good luck!

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Video Medicine: Les Brown - Ways to Take Care of Yourself Every Day (Les Brown Motivation) (September 2020).