Delivery in multiple pregnancy

After only seven months of having given birth to triplets , a woman from Coahuila, Mexico , received confirmation of a new multiple pregnancy , withnonallizos . Despite the infrequent and with so little quarantine, matrix of the woman was ready again for conceive .

The delivery , which will be Birth through Caesarean section , it is scheduled for when it is just the seventh month; However, their doctors consider that they can extend it one more month for a better development of the nonallizos .

The Birth of multiple babies It depends on many factors, so it can be in two ways:

1. The Vaginal delivery It can be done in an operating room due to the higher risks of complications during birth and the need for delivery Caesarean section .

2. Cesarean delivery It is usually necessary for fetuses who are in abnormal positions, for certain medical disorders of the mother and for suffering fetal .

To know how a cesarean delivery is carried out in multiple pregnancy, in GetQoralHealth we present you a video of National Geographic Channel:

It should be remembered that a multiple pregnancy is one in which two or more babies develop simultaneously in the uterus . The twins, triates, quadruplets, quintuplets and even emptyfolds , as in this case, sextuplets or septuplets or more, fall into this category.

The growing number of multiple gestations It causes concern because women who wait for more than one baby have a higher risk margin for complications during the pregnancy : preterm birth (before the 37 weeks are completed), preeclampsia , diabetes and vaginal and / or uterine bleeding, among other.

The multiple pregnancies they are exciting and are usually a happy event for many couples . However, due to the complications that may arise, the greater the number of fetuses are, the less likely they are that everyone will reach survive .

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Video Medicine: Meet the Larsen triplets: Multiple births (February 2023).