System for memory in people older than 50 years

Students of the Higher School of Computing of the IPN (Escom), created a technology for people who begin to have memory problems have a tool that easily and fun helps them remember places where they keep objects (such as keys and documents), telephone numbers and even routine tasks, such as social and work appointments.

It is the interactive memory exercise system for people over 50 years of age, designed to help with the retentive capacity and the quality of life of those who, naturally, present mental deterioration, which can be reduced or stopped through the practice of games for to exercise the two cerebral hemispheres.

In addition to contributing to the strengthening of the memory of medium, short and long terms, this innovation could constitute a useful support to support the diagnoses of specialists in neuropsychology , because it allows to speed up the application of exercises and tests, a task that is currently carried out manually and requires more time.

The students Raúl Fernando Ledesma Montiel, Oswaldo Vázquez Lascano and Iván Rosales Sánchez, creators of this technology, pointed out that the system has a special test that measures the verbal, arithmetic and logical scale to know the state of the memory, which is applied to the start of the treatment and after three months - approximate time in which skill is acquired to solve the games and exercises - to know the degree of progress.

They indicated that the system was developed with the advice of Euler Hernández Contreras and Erika Hernández Rubio, professors and researchers of the Escom, and with the support of specialists from the Faculty of Psychology of the UNAM. They commented that they are interested in providing this technology to experts from the Psychology Clinic of the Interdisciplinary Center of Health Sciences, Santo Tomás Unit and other institutions.

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