Good humor

If you think that between qualities that a man seeks in a woman to marry is being beautiful or being thin, you're wrong.

A study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family reveals the list of characteristics that they look for in a woman. Take note!


Good humor

Men today seek not only a wife but a woman with whom they can laugh and share good and bad moments.



If this "ingredient" does not exist in the relationship, they can hardly take the step for marriage. Men need a woman who trusts them and not someone insecure who is looking for him or checking where he is.


They want the same things in life

Being clear about what the couple expects in the relationship, where they want to go and the projects in common is key to take this big step.



One of the qualities that a man seeks in a woman to marry is that his wife believes in him and motivates him to reach his dreams, no matter how difficult they are.


He is always there when he needs her

Men look for a woman who can be with them in good times and bad.


Sex is very good

They do not want to listen to the stories of their married friends who do not have sex, they want to have a sexual partner by their side who has fun and enjoys them.


He gets along well with his family

Marrying is not only with the couple, it also implies coexistence with both families and for men it is very important that their partner get along with theirs.

These are just some of the main ones qualities that a man seeks in a woman to marry , but definitely your personality and attitude are decisive for him to ask you to share life at his side.


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