Tips to start running and lose weight

If your goal is not to be a professional runner, but simply to get started in this sport and start lose weight , to improve your quality of life, you must start your training to run taking into account the body fat what's left over?

According to the magazine Sport Life , the physical effort test is mandatory to start run . If you have 20% or more of weight (you can know it by calculating your Body Mass Index ), you must start with the walking-running system. In this way, little by little, you will lose weight.

Until you reduce by 10% your overweight , it is not indicated that you start run , since your joints and bones could get hurt. Once you have reached this figure, the best thing to keep losing those extra pounds is to alternate long and slow races with other faster and shorter ones or that include changes of rhythms.

In the first ones, keep more time in the zones fat burning . This happens at smooth rhythms and after 35 minutes of the race, but over time, the body adapts to everything, becomes more efficient and equal training, consumes fewer calories, it is necessary to run faster and shorter races.

This type of physical training allows you to burn much more calories, so you lose more weight. It is not enough to run for lose weight . The key is to eat less and have healthy eating habits, through a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, proteins and moderate carbohydrates and fats.

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