5 celebrities who practice Kickboxing

The kick boxing is a sport of contact where kicks and blows are combined throughout the body; it is considered an aerobic activity because of the energy waste it generates. Thanks to its benefits, this technique is widely used by some celebrities such as:

Denise Richards : The beautiful actress is the mother of three children, but with the help of Kick boxing he stays in shape to look like an enviable figure.

Mark Wahlberg : The Oscar winner for the movie "The Figther" enjoyed this technique during the preparation for that role.

Tiffani Thiessen : The actress ofBeverly Hills 90210 and Saved by the bell stays in shape with a combination of strength training and mixed martial arts.


Queen Latifah : The curves of the actress are kept intact by the constant practice of this martial art. Has a personal trainer that helps the body of the actress stay in shape.

Michelle Pfeiffer : The actress enjoyed martial arts when she prepared to act as Catwoman in the film Batman Returns, which helped him achieve a sculptural and toned body.

The following video shows a series of exercises of Kick boxing that will help you sculpt your silhouette:

Learn about the benefits of Kickboxing

Sports specialists point out that the kick boxing It has many benefits for the human body such as:

  1. Increase strength
  2. Provides better muscle definition
  3. Improves cardiopulmonary resistance
  4. Free the stress
  5. Elevates self-esteem
  6. Increase body coordination
  7. Burning calories , which helps decrease the grease bodily

All people can practice the activity, but remember that you must perform warm-up exercises before starting. Do not forget to hydrate yourself!

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