Swimming vs diabetes

We all know the importance of exercise to avoid complications in diabetes. In this sense the swimming could be considered the exercise Ideal to keep fit and, at the same time, take care of our blood glucose levels.

Helps tone muscles, burn calories to lose weight, reduce levels of cholesterol Y blood pressure , as well as the control of diabetes in general.

It is especially good for those whose lower extremities are asleep or who do not have much sensation in their feet.

The following are just some points that represent a guide for those who want to start in the swimming and suffer from diabetes:

1. The swimming It can be very tired at first, especially for those who are not good swimmers. Do not overdo it Set realistic goals based on your abilities.

2. The swimming, Like any other physical activity can cause hypoglycemia. Know the symptoms Bring snacks with carbohydrates in case you need extra calories.

3. Never swim alone.

4. Never swim after drinking alcoholic beverages or with someone who has been drinking

5. After eating, allow some time for the digestion before entering the water.

6. Never swim without your medical ID in case you need help.

7. Drink fluids before and after swimming to prevent dehydration.

8. If you have a heart condition, be sure to notify those in charge of the activity.

9. If you take nitroglycerin tablets, make sure you take them with you in your suitcase

To get the most benefit from the swimming , should be practiced at least three times a week at least 10 minutes - the longer, the better.

However, you should not overdo it at the beginning and remember to consult a doctor to start any regimen of exercise . The swimming Physical activity does not mean jumping in the pool and playing in the water.

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