Flu symptoms

Sure you've noticed that your dog sneezes from time to time and may even seem funny, but sometimes this is a sign of the flu or something more complicated and you can identify it this way.

Sudden changes in temperature also affect your dog, it can even be spread by another cold dog and this is how your dog can begin to constipate

Parainflueza, which is very contagious and causes constipation and runny nose; but it can be worse if the virus that it contracts is Adenovirus type 2, because it is the cause of distemper.

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Flu symptoms


1. Constant sneezing

The main symptom of a cold is sneezing; a dog that is already infected with these viruses, do not sneeze only once, but do it 2 or 3 times in a row and in very short periods of time.

In addition you will notice your dog as exhausted or fatigued, for the effort that causes them to sneeze.


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