Flavor without calories

The spices They are an ingredient that can not be missing in your kitchen. In addition to providing a taste special to your food, too They are very healthy to cook .

In this regard, scientists from the University of California at San Diego , The United States, affirm that by including condiments in you food You can reduce the consumption of sodium up to 50%

Among the benefits you can gain is that: they alleviate inflammation , they facilitate digestion , avoid the damage mobile and activate your metabolism "says the doctor David Heber , of the University of California .

Not only that! These are rich in antioxidants , they do not contain fats or sugars, so they are highly recommended to include them in yourdiet daily


Flavor without calories

For all the benefits you receive, GetQoralHealth presents you the Top 5 of species plus healthy for cooking, suggested by the United States Gerontological Institute .

1. Pimenta. It is one of the most used in the kitchen for its strong aroma. There are three varieties, black is the most common for its intense flavor. White pepper is less spicy and green pepper has a fresh scent.

This seasoning helps increase the rate of metabolism , favoring the burning of calories , as well as in the absorption of Vitamin B and the beta-carotene . Among its nutrients are the magnesium , potassium , fiber Y calcium .

2. Cumin. This fruit with a bitter taste has properties antimicrobial and digestive that benefit your function stomach . In addition, it stimulates the salivary glands.

It contains Vitamin B which is a stimulating and relaxing; the iron and the vitamin C reinforce your immune system and the Vitamin E Improve your skin and hair.

3. Nail Warm and bitter taste, has properties aphrodisiac , analgesics , antispasmodics , antibacterial Y anesthetics .

The most characteristic of this aromatic spice is its high content of eugenol that helps to prevent coagulation of the blood and to decrease toothache.

Among its nutrients are the magnesium , manganese, vitamin V and K, potassium, folic acid , calcium and Omega 3 .

4. Saffron It has an action appetizer Y digestive . Of slightly spicy flavor, this food is rich in vitamins C and B6, magnesium, iron and potassium.

Given its properties, saffron helps fight anemia , improve the blood circulation regulates blood pressure , prevents heart and rheumatic diseases, it is also beneficial for your sight, skin, ear and respiratory system.

5. Oregano. Bitter taste, stands out among the healthiest species to cook for the amount of nutrients among which are the Vitamin A, B9, E, K , as well as magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium, iron and fiber.

For all its nutritional content, this herb helps assimilate the insulin , heal wounds , metabolize proteins, prevent diseases of the eyes and fight the fatigue .

In addition, it favors the intestinal transit , so it's good to control the obesity . Highly recommended to consume it during the pregnancy and the lactation .

Because of the multiple benefits that odor species bring to your organism , it's worth it to include them in your diet daily Enjoy your meal!

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