Health insurance, smart investment

Having a stable state of health is essential to increase your wellbeing and enjoy a good quality of life, so it is important that you go to your periodic reviews and save money to acquire an insurance policy, but why invest in health insurance ?

In Mexico, approximately 18 million people (out of 106 living in the country) have medical insurance, says Pedro Ibarra director of personal lines in the south-central Mexico zone of Seguros Monterrey New York Life.

A health insurance is an intelligent investment to take care of your economy. According to the portal I'm , by investing your savings in these types of services, you improve medical care without spending too much, especially when they are serious injuries or illnesses.

In other words, having a medical expenses insurance guarantees a greater well-being, since you will have the attention of specialists at any time of the day, thereby avoiding the increase of tension in stressful situations.

If you want to invest your savings in a service of this type, you must take into account some aspects so that the decision will benefit your economy:

1.- Be aware: List the expenses that you made in recent years in diseases or unforeseen events and analyze how it impacted your economy. With a medical expenses insurance you will avoid the diversion of resources that you had destined for another purpose.

2.- Needs: List all your needs focused on health services, that is, if they have hereditary diseases, overweight, cardiac problems or those that generate constant expenses. Also, make a budget of what you are willing to spend on these services.

3.- Compare: Before purchasing health insurance you should know all the options and choose the one that suits you best.

4.- Take advantage of it: With medical insurance you not only have specialized care in your favor, but you also have discounts at different pharmacies and laboratories, which will minimize your expenses.

Remember that prevention is an action that will help you to have a stable physical health, a better quality of life and healthy finances that generate well-being. And you, have you already invested in health insurance?

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