Sports improve leadership

Although it has been proven that physical activity benefits health, it also influences the discipline and take decisions , there are even investigations that confirm that to practice sports improvement the leadership .

Keith Zullig, director of the doctoral program in Public Health Sciences of the WVU School of Public Health in the United States, explains that young boys who are involved in a sport activity have the opportunity to develop skills of communication and training teams , conditions that characterize a Leader .


Sports improve leadership

Also, in the study made by Keith Zullig Y Rebecca White Among 245 young people in the United States, they observed that those who train sport they feel greater satisfaction by lifetime .


Our findings suggest that the participation of team of sports can improve the school connectivity , social support , communication Y linkage among friends and colleagues team ", Highlights Zulling .

Active participation in football, baseball, swimming or cycling teams encourages the respect between colleagues, at the same time empathy to recognize the strengths Y Weaknesses of each member.

In addition to the above, they must also plan strategies of game for win a match or a competition As well as taking decisions at the moment for to challenge to the opponents . One more advantage is that they maintain discipline Y organization of time to fulfill other activities during the day.

In this regard, the doctor in psychology Richard Boyatzis explains that a leader understands the needs of the group. It focuses on an objective, has vision, establishes good communication and creates empathy. It has the following characteristics:


  1. Assess the capabilities of each person. At all times seeks to provide ideas to your team and innovate.
  2. He maintains a firm, realistic attitude and injects optimism and energy to his collaborators.
  3. He is a visionary, because he knows exactly what he wants and works as a team towards that goal.
  4. He knows how to listen, is understanding and uses empathy to understand the circumstances and exploit the skills of each member of his team.
  5. He is honest, reliable, responsible and credible.

Therefore, when integrating a team of certain sport helps:

1. They understand teamwork. They are used to working as a team and understand the concept, so they develop this ability to execute or coordinate an activity together. This helps to encourage on-site collaboration in a job.

2. They learn to communicate their ideas better. To create synergies, a team requires excellent communication, so they learn strategies to communicate their ideas and "moves" effectively. They also increase their leadership capacity by learning to listen to others and act with enthusiasm.

3. They make decisions quickly and "accurately". By observing the plays and being in the field they learn to make decisions quickly and react to unexpected circumstances. They recognize their determination influences others. Therefore, they look for realistic goals and to maintain a competitive advantage.

The sports they become true leaders because of the hard work involved in adhering to the discipline they demand. In addition, sport activities They inspire passion, provide energy and motivate to maintain maximum performance, that is, to give the best of themselves. Now you know that this type of hobby helps you strengthen your leadership .