Recovery routine after training

The regeneration or recovery of your muscles is the key in any Exercise routine that you continue, therefore, and to fulfill any goal that you have set for yourself, it is vital that you carry out a recovery routine after training.

Rest after training is not only necessary for your muscles to regenerate, but also allows you to develop greater physical endurance and performance. Therefore, according to, a recovery routine will be an ideal complement for each session of exercises.

1. Before training. Muscle recovery should start even before you exercise, so the feeding and hydration They are basic.

2. After the training. Once the exercise is finished, the first ten minutes are to relax. Trot at a very smooth pace so that the legs gain elasticity and eliminate waste products more effectively.

3. Rest time depends on the routine used and the intensity with which you do it. As a general rule you can return to exercise the muscles again at 48 hours in full-body routines, or between three and five days, depending on the distribution of muscle group that you do in your routine during the week.

4. It is also important to exercise other muscles without interrupting the recovery process of those who have already trained. To achieve this, it is important to perform a routine in which separate parts of the body are trained at intervals that do not disrupt the muscle recovery process.

5. Once the first ten minutes have passed after training and break , employs the following ten to stretches . Do not force yourself too much, perform something more static and longer than those of warming but without over-demanding.

6. Re-hydrate after 30 to 40 minutes, take a bath with slightly warm water for better recovery and to prevent inflammation. In addition, it is advisable to take a small snack rich in protein.

7. Finally, an hour later, try to put your legs up and make some small stretches to improve drainage in the lower extremities, especially when performing intense routines, running medium and long distances or cycling for more than an hour.

Remember, this recovery routine after training allows you to regenerate your muscles, so that you can exercise the next day with better muscle tone and greater physical resistance .

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