What shape do your glutes have?

It is one of the most attractive female traits for the opposite sex are, without a doubt, the glutes. However, how does the fat that accumulates in this area affect health?

According to a study by the International Journal of Obesity, fat cells that accumulate in this area are associated with a lower risk of developing cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.


What shape do your glutes have?

There are four main types of breeches, and knowing which one is yours can help you find clothes that fit you better or make you feel more comfortable. Feel Roxy published this graph that explains how each one looks.

V Inverted

The waist is narrower than the hips, and the hip is larger than the lower part of the rear. It is more common in older women.



The waist and the hip are more or less the same width, and the top and bottom of the rear are also very similar in size. This causes the butt to look "flat", this form is usually associated with the male body.



The hips and waist have very similar sizes, but the rear has a bubble shape. This type of rear is easier to shape with exercise and generally looks great, although the weight gain causes it to look heavier from the bottom.



The waist is smaller than the hip. It is considered the type of butt "more feminine" because the fat is concentrated in the lower part, creating a heart shape.

What kind of ass do you have?

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