Vitamins increase risk of death

Many people have the belief that taking vitamin supplements, daily, prevent diseases and help get all the nutrients necessary that may be missing in your diet . But, on the contrary, a new study conducted in the United States suggests that, in the case of older women , when there is no deficiency in any of the nutrients , the consumption of supplements is associated with an increased risk of mortality .

The doctor Jaakko Mursu , who led the study, said: "Based on the existing evidence, we see little justification for the general and widespread use of nutritional supplements ".

According to information from the magazine Very interesting, the research was conducted with more than 38,772 women aged 55 and older, who were followed up for 19 years.

It was shown that those who took certain types of Dietary supplements they faced a greater risk of death , and only those who took supplements calcium They showed a reduction in risk.

At the end of the study, almost 16,000 (40.2%) of the volunteers had died. When the data on the use of supplements and the mortality , researchers found an association, especially with the multivitamins , acid folic , vitamin B6 , magnesium , zinc , copper and, in particular, with the iron .  

The results of the study published in Archives of Internal Medicine confirm that supplements should only be used when there is a medical cause , and that bring a diet well balanced is the only way to ensure that the body is receiving all the nutrients .

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