1. Legumes

Include rich foods in folate , such as green leafy vegetables, can reduce the frequency and symptoms of migraine , according to the University of Technology Queensland .

The researchers indicate that consume folate , as well as vitamin B6 and B12, helps reduce levels homocysteine ; an amino acid found in the blood, which can affect the cells in the nerves and blood vessels that produce the migraines .

For you to integrate folate within your diet and you fight the migraine , we present you some of the foods that contain it and some other benefits that they offer you.


1. Legumes

Integrate one to three servings into your daily diet. They are low in fat, excellent source of protein, fiber and antioxidants . Consuming them helps you reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, according to the University of Michigan .


2. Lettuce

Eat one serving daily. It contains high amounts of potassium , which makes it a powerful diuretic, ideal for weight loss diets. Jorge D. Pamplona , author of "Food that heals" affirms that it also provokes satiety , which prevents you from eating too much.


3. Avocado

Add an avocado to your meal a day. In this way you will help reduce the levels of cholesterol in blood, thanks to that it contains healthy fats and bioactive components, reveals a study of Pennsylvania State University .


4. Papaya

Eat a portion in the mornings. It is high in papain , which speeds up the intestinal transit and helps assimilate the nutrients in what you eat is appropriate, inform the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .


5. Strawberries

Eat 500 grams daily. Doing it on a daily basis helps prevent esophagus cancer , ensures Ohio State University . They also stimulate long-term memory, thanks to the fisetina that contain.

The migraine is one of the 20 most disabling diseases that exist, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) . Nearly 80% of patients present their first crisis before the 30 years