Piracy in Mexico

Discs of music , movies, software, footwear, clothes, books, and even medicines , drinks and food, is what we can find today in the piracy in Mexico when walking through any market, tianguis or streets of the city.

Behind it, there is a wide variety of offenses , abuses and extortions to third parties that we have to take into account before becoming "clients" of this occupation.

The piracy , in addition to being illegal, it is an unfair and immoral way to perform the Commerce , without mentioning the entire organizational chart of workers, and therefore families, which can seriously affect, explains César Benedicto Callejas, doctor of law and professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) .

For the specialist, the consumption of all these products no longer involves only the economic aspect. The "easy processes" and the lack of commitment are, today, the central motivation of looting. So much so, that many people already do not make the attempt to acquire products legally.

Although we are aware of their origin, the ease with which they are obtained, as well as the great variety, are two of the most frequent reasons why they are consumed.

Therefore, he says, a good measure to combat the piracy is the strong competition with the same resources of the Author (online updates, special designs, promotions and exclusive article material). "This has managed to provide more quality and help, both to the creator and the consumer, also, so you can use the resources of the product one hundred percent."

In the same way, new laws to be able to deal legally and intelligently with the problem.

Mexico is one of the countries that top the blacklist of piracy in the world, let's not let it be a more deplorable framework. Let's analyze and decide correctly! It is in our hands to reverse the present and future of our country."Know yourself, sculpt your character" . If you want to know more information write to:bojorge@teleton.org.mx

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