How does the brain decide if you are left-handed or right-handed?

It is said that, on average, a out of 10 people in the world is left . It is even affirmed that those who possess this characteristic are more creative because they are left handed the decide the brain .


There are twice as many people left-handed dedicated to activities creative . The incidence of these falls by half among those who perform tasks that do not involve creativity, says Antonio Preti, Psychology of the University of Cagliari , in Italy.

This statement is based on the fact that the lefties they are worth more than right hemisphere to carry out certain manual activities and language. This is the area cerebral which is responsible for control the emotional , intuition and creativity , explains a study published in the magazine PLoS ONE .


Considering that creativity is related to this area, that could explain why lefties are more creative ", Emphasizes Preti.

While the left hemisphere of brain process activities logical , verbal and rational , which is the area most used by people who are not left-handed.

So being left-handed or right-handed is determined by the way in which the brain work and organizes the various activities that are carried out daily, explains Diana Widermann, researcher at the University of Durham in England .

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