Write to heal mind and body

Writingexpressive or creative can be a useful tool to get free and heal wounds, as well as to activate the creative capacity, which allows us to become aware of our own value as human beings and of the internal power that we carry within, according to the online-psychology portal.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the graphologist, Maria Fernanda Centeno It explains how to attract positive thoughts through writing:

On occasion, one may feel the need to Express oneself , take a paper and pen and take out what we keep inside, like love, happiness, anger, anger, sadness, anguish, frustration, and also our joy, hope, strength. Thus, our emotions Y feelings they have a name, order, healing and meaning.

Writing is a therapeutic option, a powerful technique in human development because it increases the self esteem to the extent that we know each other more and we accept ourselves. The acceptance and understanding of the difficult experiences turns out to be the first step towards a better coexistence with them.

To learn more about its benefits, in GetQoralHealth We present a video of the author and coach in Neurolíngüística Programming, Héctor D'Alessandro, who explains how writing helps to drain emotions and orders the mind:

"Patients who spend 30 minutes a day, at least for four days, to write their thoughts and feelings more intimate, they can significantly improve their mental and physical health, "according to Susan Bauer-Wu, director of the Cantor Center for Research in Nursing and Patient Care at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, at suite101.net

For this reason, the specialist recommends that, when practicing it, do not interrupt the moment in which you do it, at least not during the first day, for being key; write some experience (problem, remember or even dream) that deals with some fear specifically, and leave the reason aside, express your feelings and even use the imagination to enrich it.

These exercises allow, in the long term, a better state of mind and optimal functioning of the immune system , as well as a better academic and work performance . Therefore, this therapy is ideal to treat conditions such as depression Y phobias .

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