Thalia faithful follower of yoga

Singer Thalia has practiced yoga for 13 years, because it gives clarity, harmony, Health , concentration and, most importantly, makes her feel happy.

His practice of yoga transcended after Thalia shared a photograph in her Twitter, where he shows one of the most difficult postures of this discipline, which took him more than four years of daily practice, due to the precision and concentration that is needed.

The actress also considers that this discipline is aexercise complete offering tonicity,elasticity Yforce body, which helps her stay in shape, for all the activities she performs as an artist, woman and mother.

In the following video of VH1, the singer shows the realization of some positions that she has learned with the yoga :


What is yoga?

According to Mexican Institute of Yoga A.C ., this discipline unites the individual conscience with the universal one. It helps to harmonize the body, the mind and the emotions , and allows the different functions of the organism Coordinate to work for the integral well-being of each human being.

The yoga It is a teaching that must be applied to personal life and is a series of tools that become part of people. In addition, it allows you to appreciate the valuable, renew strength, clarity and inspiration. And you, would you encourage yourself to practice yoga, and perform postures like those of Thalia?

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