Obsession with the thin image

In accordance with researchers of the Department of Family Medicine of the IMSS , anxiety symptoms are directly related to obesity, a problem in which Mexico ranks second worldwide.

One of the most interesting findings of the study reveals that anxiety is a disorder that is under-diagnosed, so it is important to identify and treat it in overweight patients.

The sample included 150 people over 18 and under 60, with excess weight. The results showed that 55% of patients presented mild anxiety; 40%, moderate to severe, and 5% did not have anxiety.

Even doctors identified other anxiety symptoms related to obesity, such as:

  1. Anxious mood
  2. Tension
  3. Gastrointestinal and central nervous system disorders
  4. Alterations of mood, thinking, behavior and physiological activities.

In addition to vegetative hyperactivity that manifests with tachycardia, dilation of the pupils, sensation of suffocation, tremors in the extremities, loss of control or knowledge, perspiration, stiffness and weakness of the muscles; insomnia, motor restlessness, difficulties in communication, as well as negative and obsessive thoughts.

In many occasions, these symptoms lead the person to calm the anxiety with food that the organism, of course, does not need. As Kaplan's theory points out: people are obese because they have affective or personality problems and try to alleviate their discomfort through eating behavior.


Obsession with the thin image

It is no secret to many people that they obsess about having a thin image, which is why they convert the idea of ​​having a healthy weight into an eating disorder.

However, in all this craze for being thin, at any price, anxiety plays a preponderant role.

Whether the overweight of a person is determined by the addiction to food or a series of hormonal problems, psychological factors have a definite burden.

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