Mold your body with aerial dance

The aerial dance It has become a new alternative exercise to mold and tone the body, as well as to improve your coordination and flexibility . This technique generates a greater wellness , which contributes to generate a better quality of life .

According to information published in The Huffington Post, in the aerial dance a very strong muscular work is carried out; However, because of the concentration to achieve the goal of reaching the top of the tape and performing the acrobatics, you do not feel the effort and enjoy yourself.

The specialists point out that you must know your body and not be afraid of heights, so you can enjoy the activity, release the stress and tone each muscle of your body, mainly those who are in arms, legs and abdomen and, best of all, you will burn calories in an impressive way.

It is important that you learn to adjust the fabric around wrists, because this part is the main support of your body. This part of the aerial dance It should not bother you. To give you an idea of ​​what the aerial dance , the following video shows a basic session:

Other benefits that aerial dance brings are to reduce the insomnia , facilitates balance, reduces back, neck and head pains.

If you like to dance and try new activities, safe aerial dance will enchant you, besides the benefit of toning your body in an easy and fun way will help you not to abort from the mission. And you, would you like to attend an air dance class?

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