Stress takes you years of life

Do you live stressed? It's time for you to start doing activities that relax you, as well as learn to control the anxiety . According to a study of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and published in the Britih Medical Journal , the stress It reduces your well-being and takes away years of life.

The investigator Tom Russ ensures that people who are anxious, stressed and overly concerned have a high risk of premature death, due to the detonate of various diseases such as depression or cardiovascular diseases.

Clarifies that in case a stressed person suffers an accident or develops a disease as Cancer or cardiovascular, is more likely to die than if it were a calm individual.

The director of the study says that even with low levels of anxiety , there is the possibility of dying, for any reason that occurs, because the discomforts are maximized.

Tom Russ warns that "the fact that an increased risk of mortality was evident, even at the low levels of the psychological distress signal, should prompt research into whether the treatment of these very common symptoms" may increase the years of life.


Manage stress and increase your years of life

To increase your years of life you can resort to different alternative therapies that exist today, either from a relaxing massage, listen to music of your liking to infusions or use disciplines such as yoga or meditation. It is important that you give yourself five minutes to eliminate the tension of the day and pamper yourself with a delicious tea of ​​lettuce as the one that explains the chef-yogi Mariano Garcés :

Remember that in order to lead a stable, relaxed and healthy life you must put into practice some habits such as quitting lying, sleeping at least eight hours so that the body recovers and eating a diet rich in antioxidants . And you, would you like to increase your years of life?

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