What is your personality?

If you have asked yourself again and again how to like your boss, how to have a better relationship with your partner, family or what is better, how to be happy with yourself, then you should know that your behavior and personality influence according to the month of birth.

eye! This is not esotericism, nor magic. Numerology is one of the "sciences" of metaphysics that studies the energetic vibration of numbers and their flu on people, companies, etc. and through numerology it is confirmed that the features of your personality are developed according to your month of birth.

In an exclusive interview GetQoralHealthClaudia Sánchez Mejía , expert in numerology and creator of the method Introspective Behavioral Numerology , Explain:


Numbers are the tool that helps us understand everything. It's those codes that when you give it an understanding beyond it do not help you make better decisions. Everything has a meaning; nothing is a casuality".


What is your personality?

For Sánchez Mejía, the numbers and month of birth give you useful information about yourself. That is, they help you to be more aware and assertive in your day to day.


When you understand, you live in consciousness you get more out of it and for example there are many things that we must keep in mind to evolve. An example is in the month of our birth. "


Birth month

According to the numerologist Claudia, these traits can help us identify our areas of opportunity and strengths, but clarifies that all this is governed by the method ofIntrospective Behavioral Numerology what it has nothing to do with the signs, stars, etc. Remember are data that can help you improve your communication with yourself and others. Know them!

January and October. Great leadership capacity; They are individualistic people, but they are shared. Your area to work is to believe in yourself; even if they are leaders, they find it hard to believe, so they will reap their rewards even after 30 years.


If you were born in these months, be aware from your youth of everything you can achieve and avoid self sabotage, so that you achieve your goals ".


February and November. Pleasant empathic, sensitive, but sometimes forget themselves.


They must learn to set limits; to be first them and then the others ".


March and December. Fun they laugh at life; They are very partying, but they must put a balance between life, decisions and not partying at a party; They can lose a lot.

April. They focus a lot on their work. They want to show that they are the best in everything, but neglect their personal and emotional side. Your family goes to second place and you should only know that work is very important, but the point to work is the balance with loved ones: spend quality time.

May. They like to plan things; have order, but they need to be flexible and take things personally.

June. The family is very important; there are times that they do not balance it; They spend a lot of time with their loved ones family and could leave their life projects, for supporting them.

July. They enjoy their solitude and silence. They are too isolated. They develop their intellect a lot; they are not so present in the lives of others.

August. Good relationship with money; they are ambitious people, they are in one goal after another.


They should enjoy their present more, otherwise they will have several conflicts for neglecting their partner and physical-emotional health ".

September. Creative, capable and spontaneous. However, for lack of constancy, things do not end; they do not execute; They need to be more organized and disciplined to make things happen.

Through the numerology try to recognize yourself; align yourself with your life purpose; know what you should modify: "When I accept myself, I have a fuller relationship with myself; I accept people as they are; I stop resenting and getting angry for things that are not worth it. "

Give yourself the opportunity to heal, forgive and be happier. You can find Claudia Sánchez on Twitter as@clau_numerologa and if you want to tell me how you are doing or leave your comment, write me in @ DeyaCano1

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