Eating disorder in a short time

The disorder of compulsive eater is linked to the food disorder of the bulimia nervosa , in which the patient is described as having episodes of binge eating, followed by induced vomiting, laxative ingestion or excessive exercise.

Compulsive eating is that a person eats too much food in a very short period of time; he only stops eating when he feels that he has reached his limit or he wants to vomit.

This disorder, unlike the bulimia , does not include purging or using laxatives , so it produces overweight, with respect to the people who develop the bulimia nervosa .

The main risk factor for people suffering from binge eating disorder is being overweight or obese. However, that does not exclude those who have a normal body weight and weight.

The complications arising from this disorder is the increase in the risk of heart disease.


Possible solutions

Depending on the factor of emotional stress which is causing binge eating disorder, the usual treatment, is therapies to promote self-awareness and carry out proactive attitudes for the individual.

Psychological therapy does not have a stable prognosis, since there are many areas of psychology that are still blank.

The drugs are used to limit the physiological manifestations, derived by the depressive episodes that often trigger the disease.

Video Medicine: Seattle Children's Eating Disorders Refeeding Program (February 2023).