When we walk down the street and we are greeted by someone we do not know, we feel weird.

But there is a reason why you must smile to strangers .

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You may think that smiling at a person you do not know does not cause anything in him, but you are wrong.

In addition to being contagious, the smile generates a feeling of happiness and well-being. When you smile you are transmitting positive feelings towards another person.

Emotions and perceptions are transmitted through smiles.

It is a way of interacting with the other person without being necessary physical contact .

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reveals in a study the benefits you can have when smiling at a stranger.

It is even possible to perceive the personality of each person through a smile.


"The most beautiful raven of a woman, is her smile" Bob Marley

People of different nationalities participated in the study and the reaction of a person who smiled and did not was measured.

The facial expression of a person directly influences their perception.

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