Frazier has liver cancer

Joe Frazier , former world heavyweight champion and famous for his trilogy of combats with Muhammad Ali, It was hopeless by Liver cancer . The first to report Frazier's disease was the New York Post, citing an anonymous source.

According to information published in , the 67-year-old former boxer received the diagnosis four or five weeks ago, and he's in a residence for terminally ill , said his personal advisor, Leslie Wolff .

The liver It is the largest organ of the body and is responsible for filtering harmful substances from the blood , digests fats from food and stores the sugar that the body needs to obtain Energy .

Between the risk factor's for the development of Liver cancer they find each other:

  1. Hepatitis
  2. Cirrhosis , or hepatic scarring
  3. Being of male sex
  4. Low weight at birth

People with this condition may present symptom as a mass or pain on the right side of abdomen Y yellowish coloration of the skin ; however, sometimes they do not show up symptom and it is detected in an advanced state, which makes treatment difficult.

Treatment options include surgery , radiation , chemotherapy or transplant of liver .

In the case of Frazier, his advisor said: "There are expert doctors analyzing all possible alternatives, there are very few, but that does not mean that we will stop looking."

Wolff indicated that since early October theformer boxer He has been hospitalized several times and has been treated in a center for terminally ill since last week.

Video Medicine: SMOKIN' JOE: Boxer Joe Frazier in hospice with liver cancer (December 2023).