Fill your life with positive thoughts

A study of University of Bristol , in the UK suggests that a person can calm their feelings of aggression and anger when they identify happiness in the facial expressions of others.

In the research published in the journal Psychological Science , authors Marcus Munafo and Ian Penton-Voak detail that the ability to identify a positive emotion in other people is vital for social functioning.

According to information published in The Huffington Post, When people recognize happiness instead of anger in an ambiguous facial expression, they reduce their own levels of aggression and anger.

To verify the theory, the scientists analyzed the cases of adolescents with a high risk of committing a crime or of having an aggressive behavior. They were asked to identify facial expressions of happiness and anger from other people.

To manipulate perception, they were told that some faces were ambiguous, that is, although they seemed angry they were really happy.

In this way, patients began to identify happiness in an angry face, which helped them feel less upset with themselves. Even adolescents had fewer aggressive incidents weeks after the experiment.


Fill your life with positive thoughts

To have a better quality of life and share happiness with others it is enough to show a smile and guide others to learn to create positive thoughts, as explained below Dharmacharini Abhagita, from the Buddhist Center Mexico :

Meditation will help you balance your emotions, thoughts and body, to achieve full happiness. Only you have the power to change anger and aggression for feelings of kindness and joy.

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