Apitherapy, the healing power of bees

In the search to find the cure of certain diseases, there is a marked tendency to return to natural therapies and alternative medicine.

This is happening with the apitherapy , an effective therapeutic technique that uses bee stings to treat numerous ailments, from rheumatologic arthritis to Herpes zoster .

Although it is a millennial healing procedure, Hippocrates treated his rheumatism with bee venom and Emperor Charlemagne used it for his attacks of gout, there is some resistance among some doctors in the application of this therapy, whose key is in the apitoxin .

This is a substance secreted by some honeybee worker bees, that is, those that produce honey to defend themselves from their predators and that possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Honey is also effective to fight joint diseases.


They cure arthritis with bees

One authority on the matter is Stefan Stangaciu, a Romanian doctor who practices apitherapy for more than 60 years; ensures that it can help in more than 500 animal or human diseases.

He emphasizes that "diseases with little physical structural damage are easier to cure with apitherapy, but also in many chronic diseases such as arthritis, encouraging results are obtained." Efficacy, according to a study of 101 diseases in 2,010 patients, is 64.5% "


They inject the honey poison

In the opinion of Pedro Pérez Gómez, one of the most renowned apitherapists in Spain, it is a natural therapy that not only consists of the honey bee injecting its poison, but its effectiveness lies in completing the treatment with the different products of the hive:

"The body undoubtedly improves when you supply what you need and each product of the hive has properties that the body needs.These products are the bricks to build and repair, on the other hand, the venom apitoxin passes to the blood circulating in the body. body and its properties, where there is something to repair, "he explains.


Benefits of honey

Apitherapy is used mainly in pain that has inflammation such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, back pain or herniated discs, where it works optimally. However, says Pérez Gómez, in those cases such as multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, or some type of circulatory disease, although it does not cure them, it does help to improve the recovery process.

Several studies have shown that bee sting is 100 times more potent as an anti-inflammatory than hydrocortisone , "that is why it is understood that it is so beneficial in painful processes".

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