Meditation techniques regulate body temperature

An increase in body temperature can be achieved using certain meditation techniques (g-tummo), which also help to strengthen the immune system to fight infectious diseases or immunodeficiency, according to a study National University of Singapore (NUS) .

Published in the magazine PLoS ONE, in this study the researchers argue that it is possible that core body temperature can be controlled by the brain , thanks to certain techniques of meditation.

It is the first research to document reliable results of the increase in Tibetan monks who practice g-tummo meditation, which controls "inner energy" and is considered by Tibetan doctors to be one of the most sacred spiritual practices of the region.

Previous studies on these meditation techniques show that their practice includes increasing the body temperature peripheral in the fingers and toes.

However, on this occasion the researchers observed that the meditative g-tummo practice allows an increase of up to 38.3 degrees Celsius, as recorded by electrocardiograms and other devices.

Once registered the neurocognitive effects and other physiological aspects of this type of meditation techniques, specialists believe that their practice could extend its benefits to many more people, especially for those working in weather conditions unfavorable

"It could allow people to adapt and function in cold environments , improve resistance to infections and cognitive performance, accelerating response time, as well as reduce performance problems when body temperature decreases, "explain the researchers.

Video Medicine: Raising the Body Temperature Using Meditation (tummo) (May 2024).