They treat depression with meditation

A study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry discovered that patients with depression who underwent Therapies of Fullness of Consciousness they had very positive and superior results to those who were treated with medications antidepressants .

About, Zindel Segal of the Addiction and Mental Health Center of Toronto, Canada indicated: "The consciousness fullness therapy it refers to the concept of living in the here and now. Philosophy that comes from the Buddhist tradition . This technique incorporates meditation and focuses on helping patients analyze their feelings and thoughts in a way that allows them to work with them differently. "

The participants who received the consciousness fullness therapy they learned to to meditate on your own for 40 minutes a day. They attended a session with a therapist: "It's like going to the gym and working a muscle, with the difference that you are not working a muscle of your body, but the brain that helps you understand and control your emotions," Segal said.

Have this alternative instead of the psychotropic medications it is of the utmost importance; up to 40% of the people who have overcome one depression he does not take his antidepressants prescribed to prevent a relapse, with this therapy. An example of the benefits is that the pregnant women They may be concerned about the effect that medications have on the baby. The fullness of consciousness it seems to be an effective alternative and not a pharmaceutical one, Segal said.

However, a drawback of the consciousness fullness therapy is that it can be difficult to find the time to do it. The next step is to make this practice available to more people. There may be ways to teach it online. For now there are very few people trained to do so, Segal said.

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