Makeup rules that you can ignore

Beauty evolves, is altered and transformed depending on the requirements of women, for this reason what was a trend or basic a few years ago is now obsolete. That is why we give you the steps to make up that you can ignore.

Eyeliner and mascara on the lower lashes. Many point out that in this way the face acquires more years, but everything depends on the face of the person. Putting mascara on the lower lashes favors women with large eyes. If yours are small you can do without him.

Plucked eyebrows. It is advisable that if you do it for the first time you go with a professional. This will tell you which is the most favorable to your face. In this way, later you will only have to depilate following the outline.

Eyes and lips daring. They should avoid this look for the day, but not for the night. Just remember to keep the rest of the makeup on a very light level.

Brush your hair 100 times a day . Do not do it This is the perfect way for your hair to end up greasy and unruly. If your hair is straight, opt for a comb to untangle and use natural bristle brushes.

Equal nails . With all the manicure trends that have emerged in the last year, this rule has been left behind. Choose daring colors for your hands and feet, and mix neutral hands with intense feet or use a pair of colors in one hand.

Fashion changes, but it is also necessary to observe what is most favorable for our person. Not only are the steps to make up what will allow you to be beautiful, there is also your self-esteem.

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