Give war to aging!

Maintain a complexion young and beautiful is not an easy task for women, however, there are some ways to look younger regardless of the age , since its objective is to delay the appearance of wrinkles and reduce imperfections.

According to specialists from Mayo Clinic , there are some habits that can be put into practice to delay the passage of time and look young at any time of life.


Give war to aging!

1. Healthy nutrition. The phrase you are what you eat is very true, since every cell of your body grows and develops with the nutrients that you bring to it through food. Balance your food with salads, fruits, proteins and whole grains.

2. Vitamins Nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin C and E, selenium and zinc help cell regeneration and the production of elastin and collagen , necessary to wear a young skin. Meanwhile, fatty acids promote tissue repair.

3. Sunscreen . The skin is very delicate and because it is the largest organ of the body, you must protect it properly. Use products that keep away ultraviolet rays, which are responsible for dehydrating, staining and wrinkling.

4. Stay hydrated. Water is the elixir of the youth , because with it the organism works correctly, it discards the toxins that can damage your body.

5. Stay away from alcohol and tobacco. These drinks are harmful because they cause body dehydration, destroying vitamins and minerals. For its part, smoking generates wrinkles on the lips, which make you look older.

With these habits enjoy a aging happy and little traumatic, stays attractive and with a healthy body. The key is to love yourself for what you are and recognize the care your body needs. And you, how do you keep aging from your life?

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