Abortion is a personal decision

The abortion it has been a sensitive issue in society, because different segments of society reject the practice of it; However, women say that it is a personal decision.

The World Health Organization (WHO) points out that 95% of abortions illegal activities that are registered in the world are carried out in developing countries. Access to safe interruption of pregnancy is limited in many countries, due to legal restrictions, administrative barriers that hinder access to legal services for the realization of this, economic problems and the lack of professionals with adequate training.

In most states of the Mexican Republic, the interruption of the pregnancy it remains penalized, despite the fact that there are freedoms to practice it, said experts in criminal law and activists.

The most recent case is that of Baja California , where the prohibition to this practice remains valid, after the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SJN) rejected a challenge to the seventh article of the Constitution of the state, which establishes that the human being is legally protected from the moment of the conception .

What is an abortion?

According to WHO information, abortion is the interruption of pregnancy before 180 days of gestation, and is divided into three causes: spontaneous, natural or provoked.

On the other hand, Corina Martínez Sánchez, of the Collective Coalition of Youth for the Right to Decide, mentions that the main reasons that allow abortion are: the causes that endanger the Health and life of the mother, violation and the artificial insemination not spoiled.

In addition, in some entities that allow interruption of pregnancy in certain circumstances, there is no regulation or manual for clinical practice to be carried out.

And you, are you against or in favor of abortion?

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