Does your appetite determine your purchases?

According to a survey conducted by the National Institute of Statistic and Geography , each trimester the Mexican families destine seven thousand 821 pesos (32% of their income) to the purchase of foods; However, and beyond the budget, what factor influences the choice of food? Being hungry could be the answer.

A study published by the magazine JAMA Internal Medicine, It indicates that making purchases when you have appetite is not a good idea, because in this case people are more likely to choose foods with high caloric content.

To discover how being hungry influences the choice of groceries, Aner Tal and Brian Wansink of Cornell University In the United States, they asked 68 adults not to eat for 5 hours before going to make the purchase.

Half of the volunteers received, before beginning the experiment, food to satisfy hunger. Next, all participants made the purchase online.

Both groups bought about eight products with low calories, such as certain dairy products, meats and snacks. However, those who bought with hunger also purchased six high-calorie products, while the others only four.

To prevent this impulse from dominating your economy and increasing your weight, GetQoralHealth gives you 3 tips:

1. Always keep a list of the products you need, so you avoid consuming or choosing junk food or that does not benefit your health.

2. Just relax. Stress is a factor that increases the anxiety to eat.

3. Always try to take healthy snacks with you; example, carrot, jicama or apple.

Being hungry is not bad because it is a natural sensation of the organism, but it is the anxiety and the excess to satisfy it that can cause damage. Take care and love yourself!

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