Eliminates stains on your skin naturally

Sometimes, the skin presents changes of pigmentation that commonly receive the name of "spots". These can be produced by various factors such as pregnancy , genetics , excessive exposure to the sun, among others. To eliminate stains of the skin , GetQoralHealth you recommend the following home remedies.

1. Open a leaf of aloe vera in half and extract the gel. Rub this gel daily on the stains . Its properties help you clarify the stains . If you also want to regenerate the skin , apply the following mask:

2. Cut a slice of onion and rub on the stain for five minutes. Repeat every day This remedy is very useful to diminish the appearance of the spots produced by age.

3. Mix three tablespoons of yogurt, three of lemon juice and half of horseradish root. Apply evenly with a cotton ball.

4. Extract the juice of a lemon and soak a cotton ball. Rub directly on the spots. Do this procedure at night, because if you expose yourself to the sun you can make the problem worse.

5. Boil a little water and then add a handful of plantain leaves. Let rest for 20 minutes, strain and apply on the stain for a few minutes.

For best results, remember that it is important to apply these masks daily to eliminate the spots on the skin . Before using any ingredient, perform a sensitivity test. Good luck!

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