Care of the elderly during travel

There is truth in the old advice of travel while you can . Do not wait until your legs are so weak that you can not walk one kilometer, the main problems for older adults when traveling are: pain of back, muscular pains, indigestion and frequent urination. These are some tips that will help in a trip with elderly people .

Carry a small chair

The legs of the elderly are not what they used to be. They can not walk for miles and of course they can not stand for long hours. To make sure you can rest your feet, even in the most uncomfortable places, be sure to wear with you a small chair . A very convenient product when traveling with the elderly, is the small chair that bends.

Disposable handkerchiefs and a portable toilet

Another article that you should not forget when traveling with seniors are boxes of handkerchiefs Y Toilet portable , which can be used only in case of an attack indigestion . Remember that your digestive system is not what it used to be. A little bacteria can wreak havoc on your system. It's good to be prepared for anything.


Morning hours

Older people are more prone to heat hits . They also tire easily in warm climates, as their bodies dehydrate . That's why it's good schedule your trips and excursions in the morning when the sun is not at its peak and the interior visits during the midday and in the first part of the afternoon.


Older people usually have schedules to take their medicines that can not be lost Be sure to take the enough doses so as not to run the risk of it ending, because it could have a problem in getting pharmacies, especially in places far away from the main cities.

Video Medicine: Elder Travel Companion Care To Go (March 2024).