Bad mood could help you be more successful

Some of them last all day, others happen to us later, but the Bad mood in one way or another, it is always present. But could a bad mood leave us something good?

About, Joe Forgas , Professor of Psychology of the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, states: "Irritability, in moderate doses, tends to promote a more concrete, more harmonious and, ultimately, more successful communication style".

In this sense Forgas clarifies that while the positive mood seems to promote creativity, flexibility and cooperation, Bad mood it encourages melancholy and activates a more attentive, thoughtful and careful way of thinking, which makes a person pay more attention to the external world and helps him deal with complicated situations.

For Marta Centellas , psychologist Sum Center of Barcelona, ​​the Bad mood it is a state of mind in which many factors influence in which a denial of reality usually takes place:

"The individuals are not satisfied with what they expected, with the expectation that they had deposited, and that produces a frustration that can translate into anger, bad mood, which makes them see things in a more negative way." Hormones and bad mood.

The Bad mood they associate it with a state of dissatisfaction, of displeasure, which in turn is related to the levels of and other neurotransmitters such as dopamine . And the brain needs its doses to perceive enjoyment or, put another way, to neutralize displeasure.

The important thing is that we learn to have control or good management of our emotions; everything helps us grow and there is always a way to take advantage of the stress and the character we have.

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