Lose weight with spinach

The spinach They are vegetables that many people hate for their bitter taste, however, specialists in nutrition They recommend them in subsistence allowance of thinning to be very useful to maintain the line, since it contains a lot of water and low caloric level. Learn more benefits of spinach then.

1. You have properties laxatives , since it is a good source of fiber .

2. Prevents and improves the constipation . It intervenes in the reduction ofcholesterol and in the speed of passage of the sugars to the blood , which makes them beneficial in case of cardiovascular risk and diabetes .

3. The organism transforms provitamin A contained in spinach, in vitamin To as the body requires it. Provitamin A serves to maintain a good state of hair , the skin , mucous membranes, bones , the view and a perfect functioning of immune system .

4. Intervene in the prevention of numerous diseases by being carriers of substances antioxidants as the vitamin C, E and provitamin A. A low level of these substances constitutes a cardiovascular risk factor, Cancer and degenerative diseases.

5. The consumption of spinach It is beneficial for people suffering from eye problems.

6. In addition to folates , the spinach they are a source of iron, others minerals Y trace elements that favor the formation of Red blood cells . Therefore, its consumption is indicated in the treatment of anemia .

The spinach can be combined with many ingredients such as chicken or some vegetables, prepare delicious dishes with them while you lose weight. Complement your diet with a routine exercises to notice faster results. Good luck!

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