Put them into practice!

Giving a touch of eroticism and mystery to your relationship will not only enrich your intimate life, but will end the routine and boredom that are generated over time. One way to achieve this is through some exotic sex techniques.

According to information published on the portal Your Sex Guide , exotic sex has an excellent efficiency in making people happy, perfect movements in bed and identify tricks to drive your partner crazy with pleasure.


Put them into practice!

1. Leave him breathless. With this one seeks to simulate the moment of penetration and further stimulate sexual desire. Place your lips on top of your partner's and slowly stick and stick your tongue out. Alternate smooth and slow movements with fast and intense.

2. Erotic sensations. Use your hands to give a sensual massage to your partner in the pelvic area to generate sensual emotions. Use an aromatic oil that stimulates the senses.

3. Pleasure to get fit. Train your muscles to increase the intensity of your orgasms. By keeping this part of your body in shape, you can surprise your partner with some contractions during penetration. Those of Kegel are a good option.

4. Sexual Kung Fu It is very useful to delay ejaculation and prolong ecstasy. Take the penis with your hands and move them up and down, while you turn them in opposite directions. You can also rub the penis for one minute. Do it carefully so as not to hurt your partner!

5. Sensual yoga Increase your sexual energy and burn some calories when you practice it. It will help you to have a better flexibility, and even, some postures raise your libido to enjoy the moment even more.


Why is it important to have a sex life?

With these tips you can improve your sex life; However, it is vital that you do them responsibly and safely in order to avoid negative effects, such as those explained by the obstetrician-gynecologist. Alejandro Vázquez Alanis:

Remember to maintain a good intimate hygiene to avoid the contagion of any infection, as well as to have a contraceptive method that prevents an unwanted pregnancy.