1. Breathing

Only 63% of their sexual encounters are women they reach climax , while 10% He has never experienced a orgasm in couple ni by self-stimulation . For a complete erotic experience it is essential to increase the stimulation with the purpose to get to climax .


1. Breathing

Cynthia Lief Ruberg , certified sex therapist, says that a strategy for them to reach the climax is to control the rhythm of the breathing in couple.

When both synchronize their breathing , doing it in a way slow Y deep to short Y fast increases sexual arousal and is the next step for the pleasant orgasm .


2. Use the sense of taste

In the next video the sexologist Elsy Reyes , Explains how to stimulate the intimate area of ​​your partner, beyond focusing on the clitoris .


3. Try other positions

In some cases, breaking the couple's routine increases pleasure and leads to better orgasms. When the woman does not know how to reach orgasm and is looking for her rhythm, position ideal is that she keeps above .


Being on top allows you to take the control , maximize the stimulation and feel greater freedom in their movements, "he says Deny Welsh , member of the Latin American and International Society of Sexual Medicine .


4. Watch erotic movies

Some women wake up your instincts erotic when watching movies with scenes of implied sex or with romantic scenes . They stimulate your imagination. The idea is to try it when they are comfortable in an intimate place, points out Ruberg .


5. Increase blood circulation

Cynthia Lief says that when women lie on the edge of the bed, so that their head is slightly suspended, they stimulate the circulation of the blood to the brain , which increases your excitement and, consequently, it unchains the orgasm .

The final and classic key to reach the climax is in the petting , Kisses. Reduce the tension physical and emotional is relevant as it is demonstrated that contribute to a lower sexual response, mainly in women.

Video Medicine: Rank 1 - Breathing (May 2021).