Causes and effects of macular degeneration

Macular degeneration of the eye is a degenerative disease that damages the center of the retina (macula); It occurs in people older than 60 years, being the second cause of blindness in the elderly, after diabetes. Read More

Hormonal changes

This discomfort, also called mastalgia, is one of the most common in women, however, the causes behind it are diverse and it is important to know them. Read More

GeriatrIMSS new model of care for the elderly

With the purpose of granting to its adult beneficiaries greater specialized geriatric and gerontological care, through preventive measures, the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) has implemented the GeriatrIMSS program. Doctor Gustavo Esquivel Romero, coordinator of Medical Programs of the Division of General Hospitals of the Institute, pointed out that the strategy consists of the organized response of Social Security before the increase of the aging population in the country. Read More

New diagnosis for prostate cancer

Scientists at the University of Michigan developed a new test for the detection of prostate cancer, revealed a study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine. Read More


Two Argentine tourists died due to yellow fever in Brazil, both without being vaccinated, so health authorities ask to take the necessary precautions if you plan to travel to Brazil. Also known as Siam disease or Barbados fever, it is an acute, rapidly evolving infectious disease transmitted by mosquito bites, according to information from the World Health Organization (WHO). Read More


Exposure to solar radiation can damage our eyes. It is important to protect ourselves by wearing glasses, a hat and a healthy diet to keep our eyes in good condition and avoid possible eye diseases. Read More


In the framework of the 20th anniversary of the movie Titanic, people are still wondering how the passengers of the Titanic died? Was it due to a blow or drowning? Over the years, researchers have revealed that the causes of death were hypothermia and exhaustion. In this case, the temperature of the waters is -2ºC and during the night more descend. Hypothermia Temperature is considered normal when it is around 37ºC and is hypothermia when it is lower than 28ºC. Read More

Use of hormonal contraceptives and smoking: deadly combination

Do you smoke and use hormonal contraceptives? Beware, this combination can be deadly, according to Ana Elena Ancona Badillo, Cardiologist. The representative of the chapter on heart disease in women, of the National Association of Cardiologists of Mexico (ANCAM), said that this is the most dangerous combination and is causing women to have heart disease at a younger age. Read More

Move more and avoid thrombosis in time

How long do you remain sitting? 30 minutes? More than 40? Doing more than 90 minutes sitting reduces blood circulation by 50%, which increases the risk of thrombosis, a disease related to one out of every four deaths in the adult population. Therefore, on World Thrombosis Day, the campaign # Time2Move - #DejaTuSilla is launched, which invites the population to leave their chair and start moving to reduce risks and save their lives. Read More

Protect your heart like this:

Today, September 29 is World Heart Day and the theme of the 2018 world campaign is: 'My heart, your heart' It is about telling ourselves, the people we care about and people around the world : "What can I do now to take care of my heart ... and your heart?" Read More

How to treat them?

Sure if you've had a doggie, you've heard phrases like "It came out because you were watching pornography"; "Sure you saw some dogs mating"; phrases that are nothing more than a myth. The cause of the perrillas, also known as styes, is the inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the eyelid. The dogs can be very annoying, as they cause pain, tearing, and even sensitivity to light. How to treat them? Read More

Water contamination

Yes, as you read it, this factor causes more deaths per year than HIV disease. Living in an urbanized environment has certain negative consequences for our body, and many times we ignore signs of deterioration of our body. Read More


Typical that you get up, fix and do what you do, your hair does not fit, you sponge or you are the victim of unwanted frizz ... However, there are exceptional cases in which bring the "hair on edge", literally, has to do with genetics. It's called Impeterable Hair Syndrome and is triggered, according to researchers at the Center for Information on Rare and Genetic Diseases, United States, by an alteration of the hair shaft of the scalp. Read More


Surely it has been your turn to shake someone's hand and realize that their palms are frozen, or, yourself, to experience these changes of temperature in hands and feet, ... Have you ever wondered why? Read More

What is Crohn's Disease?

It is a chronic intestinal inflammation that can be annoying, and sometimes it has serious complications, but it is not fatal. The disease affects the entire thickness of the intestinal wall and usually manifests in the lower portion of the small intestine (ileum) and the large intestine, but it can also affect any area of ​​the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the anus. The majority of people who tend to manifest this disease are under 30 years old. The causes are unknown, but some research has focused on three possibilities: a dysfunction of the immune system, an infection or diet.SymptomsThe symptoms are variable from one person to Read More

Why do they come out?

Yes, those varicose veins that sprout in the anal canal, rectum and / or anus; and that cause intense pain. It is best to treat them in a timely manner to prevent the problem from escalating. There are several treatment options and one of the most effective are natural remedies. Read More