Why do they come out?

Yes, those varicose veins that sprout in the anal canal, rectum and / or anus; and that cause intense pain. It is best to treat them in a timely manner to prevent the problem from escalating. There are several treatment options and one of the most effective are natural remedies.


Why do they come out?

Among the factors are constipation, genetics, pregnancy, chronic diarrhea, hard stools, low fiber diet, being overweight and staying seated several hours a day.



Hemorrhoids can be internal and external. In general, the second ones are more painful, since they are exposed to rubbing. In both cases, the following may be presented:

- Bleeding when defecating

- Painful lumps

- Itching in the rectum, anal canal and / or anus


3 natural remedies:


1. Garlic

Boil two cloves of garlic, strain, soak a cotton and apply with soft touches on the hemorrhoids.


2. Tomato

Part one and rub directly into the affected areas. Let it act for 10 to 15 minutes and remove with warm water.


3. Seat bath

Fill a large tub or bucket with hot water. Sit on it, shrugging your legs (knees should be at your chest). Stay in the water for 15 minutes. By doing so, the blood vessels will dilate and the flow of blood from the hemorrhoids will speed up.

Be consistent and, in a short time, the hemorrhoids will have disappeared.



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